For Progressive Bitcoiners, Offense is the Best Defense

Reframing Self-Sovereignty

Reframing Senator Elizabeth Warren

Reframing Banks

  • Bitcoin is accessible to 6% of US population that is unbanked
  • Bitcoin is accessible or reachable to 1.7 billion unbanked global citizens
  • Bitcoin runs 24/7/365
  • Bitcoin has no ATM fees, no overdraft fees, no borders, no CEO, no CEO bonuses
  • Bitcoin’s protocol ( monetary policy) applies the same rules to everyone
  • Bitcoin users know the rules and the rules are easy to understand
  • Bitcoin eliminates a credit system that disproportionately harms women and people of color
  • Bitcoin’s Lightning Network eliminates middlemen, like Western Union, from profiting off families dependant on remittance payments for survival

Reframing Hillary Clinton

Reframing Environmental FUD

  • Bitcoin mining stabilizes the energy grid
  • Bitcoin mining decarbonizes the energy grid
  • Bitcoin mining repurposes wasted energy
  • Bitcoin mining prevents energy companies from flaring gas into the atmosphere, reducing C02 emissions
  • Bitcoin mining incentivizes renewable energy to scale globally
  • Bitcoin mining can generate income for underserved communities
  • The Bitcoin industry ecosystem will drive a rapid surge in US innovation and economic development

Reframing Media



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