What is Bitcoin?

At its core, Bitcoin is a digital store of value that enables everyone in the world to coalesce around a singular monetary system. For the first time, anyone in the world can send money to anyone else in the world, instantaneously, regardless of nationality, credit score, or…

Why Bitcoin’s Network Effect Can’t be Neutral

The only way for the Bitcoin Standard to eradicate the wealth inequities of the fiat standard is if economically disadvantaged communities adopt Bitcoin en masse, early.

Many Bitcoiners equate the Bitcoin network’s neutrality with Bitcoin being the Great Equalizer. It’s quite understandable. After all, the network is decentralized, censorship resistant, sovereign and borderless. Bitcoin is an unprecedented structural upgrade to money that favors no country, corporation, or group.

However, without intervention, a neutral network will only…

Or Forfeit Their Collective Stake in the Decentralized New World

Once unleashed, the Domino Effect is unstoppable

Bitcoin adoption is happening fast. Only 12 years into its existence, the digital currency has already been adopted as legal tender by the first nation-state. Shortly after, politicians from Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Panama signaled their support. Nigeria leads the world in Peer to Peer payments, using bitcoin’s 2nd layer…

The Progressive Case for Bitcoin


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